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Women mayors in America

36% of large US cities are governed by women

By Brian Baker*

American women mayors

January 2024: Of the 125 American cities with more than 200,000 residents, 45 (36%) are governed by women mayors. Cities with female leaders include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston. Of the 45 cities, only ten have Republican mayors. Some 31 cities are led by Democrats, while four mayors are independents

Acquanetta Warren of Fontana (CA), who assumed office in 2010, is the longest-serving female mayor among cities with more than 200,000 people. Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas, followed her husband as mayor in 2011, while Nancy Vaughn became Mayor of Greensboro (NC) in 2013. Hillary Schieve, Reno (NV), joined the list one year later. Women mayors who took office in January 2024 include Cherelle Parker, Philadelphia (PA) and Connie Boesen, Des Moines (IA).

Los Angeles, CA

Popl: 3,970,000

Karen Bass, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Phoenix, AZ

Popl: 1,708,000

Kate Gallego, Mayor since 2019. Democrat


Philadelphia, PA

Popl: 1,567,000

Cherelle Parker, Mayor since 2024, Democrat

Jacksonville, FL

Popl: 950,000

Donna Deegan, Mayor since 2023, Democrat


Fort Worth, TX

Popl: 928,000

Mattie Parker, Mayor since 2021, Republican


Charlotte, NC

Popl: 900,000

Vi Alexander Lyles, Mayor since 2017, Democrat


San Francisco

CA, Popl: 867,000

London N. Breed, Mayor since 2018, Democrat


Washington D.C.

Popl: 713,000

Muriel Bowser, Mayor since 2015, Democrat


Boston, MA

Popl: 692,000

Michelle Wu, Mayor since 2021, Democrat


Las Vegas, NV

Popl: 662,000

Carolyn Goodman, Mayor since 2011, Independent


Tucson, AZ

Popl: 554,000

Regina Romero, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


Omaha, NE

Popl: 478,000

Jean Stothert, Mayor since 2013, Republican


Raleigh, NC


Mary-Ann Baldwin, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


Oakland, CA

Popl: 425,000

Sheng Thao, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Tampa, FL


Jane Castor, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


New Orleans, LA

Popl: 389,000

La Toya Cantrell, Mayor since 2018, Democrat


Bakersfield, CA

Popl: 386,000

Karen K. Goh, Mayor since 2017, Republican


Riverside, CA


Patricia Lock Dawson, Mayor since 2020, Independent


Islip, NY

Popl: 329,000

Angie Carpenter, Mayor since 2019, Republican


Anaheim, CA

Popl: 354,000

Ashleigh Aitken, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Henderson, NV


Michelle Romero, Mayor since 2023, Republican


Corpus Christie, TX


Paulette Guajardo, Mayor since 2021, Democrat


Lexington, KY

Popl: 322,000

Linda Gorton, Mayor since 2019, Republican


Irvine, CA

Popl: 284,000

Farrah Khan, Mayor since 2020, Democrat


Santa Ana, CA

Popl: 331,000, Valerie Amezcua, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Greensboro, NC

Popl: 298,000

Nancy Vaughan, Mayor since 2013, Democrat


Lincoln, NE

Popl: 291,000

Leirion Gaylor Baird, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


St. Louis, MO


Tishuara Jones, Mayor since 2021, Democrat


Durham, NC

Popl: 286,000

Elaine O’Neal, Mayor since 2021, Democrat


Gilbert, AZ

Popl: 258,000, Brigitte Peterson, Mayor since 2021, Independent


Madison, WI

Popl: 263,000

Satya Rhodes-Conway, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


North Las Vegas, NV


Pamela Goynes-Brown, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Reno, NV


Hillary Schieve, Mayor since 2014, Independent


North Hempstead, NY

Popl: 230,000

Jennifer DeSena, Mayor since 2021, Republican


Boise, ID

Popl: 230,000

Lauren McLean, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


Spokane, WA

Popl: 222,000

Nadine Woodward, Mayor since 2019, Republican


Tacoma, WA


Victoria Woodards, Mayor since 2019, Democrat


Baton Rouge, LA

Popl: 219,000, Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor since 2017, Democrat


San Bernadino, CA

Popl: 217,000

Helen Tran, Mayor since 2022, Democrat


Fontana, CA

Popl 216,000

Acquanetta Warren, Mayor since 2010, Republican


Modesto, CA

Popl: 216,000

Sue Zwahlen, Mayor since 2021, Democrat


Des Moines, IA

Popl: 215,000

Connie Boesen, Mayor since 2024, Democrat

Port St Lucie, FL

Popl: 210,000

Shannon Martin, Mayor since 2021, Republican


Salt Lake City, UT

Popl: 204,000

Erin Mendenhall, Mayor since 2020. Democrat


Grand Rapids, MI

Popl: 200,000

Rosalynn Bliss, Mayor since 2016, Democrat


*The original research was carried out in May 2023. It was updated in November 2023 and again in January 2024.


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